The Inspiration behind, The Repose


What inspired you to create The Repose?

Our dream was to create a bespoke, self contained airbnb option in the Dubbo region and to provide an artisanal experience.
We had identified a shortfall of high end accommodation for couples here and wanted to partner together on the Cottage renovation that would allow us to use our individual skills in the project. THE REPOSE is a joint offering of two couples, Ric and Moir Jones with Bede and Jemima Aldridge, co founders of Saddler & Co.

We are two local couples whose friendship was forged during the communal years of parenthood when we’d inevitably discuss the need for mindful, open door hospitality in our homes. We discovered a mutual interest in craftsmanship and renovation. Based on the complementary skills of each person to develop the vision and completion of such a project, we decided to partner together on this project. The renovation of the Repose was done over 18months after hours, in between our full time jobs and families. We completed all the trade and design work ourselves. The slow process worked in our favour as we had the time to devote to quality workmanship, sourcing the interiors, and allowing the brief to come to life organically rather than in a rushed manner.


It’s a stunning space, Did you receive formal training as a stylist or is it just a natural skill you have found within you?

I haven't received any formal training! These skills have certainly developed with time. I've had the fabulous opportunity of utilising my instincts and love for artisan work while growing the Saddler & Co brand. When we opened our shop this was the perfect experiment with interiors and styling, to create an experience for our customers. This has created a natural platform and safe place to create thoughtfully and with purpose. I have also gathered my design theories and inspiration from my favourite interiors designers, books, magazines and the creative interchange of Instagram. I always aim to keep things original and sympathetic to the design


Is the Repose and extension of your other very successful business “Saddler & Co”?  

This was definitely a natural progression, to provide a place for our customers to stay and enjoy the region. Working with other local businesses, creatives and makers has given us the opportunity to feature their work throughout the Repose.


The Repose is a beautiful oasis styled to perfection using vintage, reclaimed and repurposed products and materials, what are the most noteworthy?

The favourite pieces would have to be the original artworks we feature throughout each room, our set of Thonet Le Corbusier chairs, the finest European linen by Hale Mercantile Co and of course - the main feature is the artisan Bathroom. We purposefully connected the original outhouse quarters with a modern walkway leading to a luxury crafted bathroom and the utterly private courtyard. Imperfection is a reminder of the personal craftsmanship that shines in the uniqueness of this space.

What was it about the Woodstock Resources Terracotta Herringbone Tiles that made them the tile of choice to feature in the bathroom?

We were on the hunt for tiles that would tell a story, and create a sense of connection to the heritage of the cottage. We discovered Woodstock Resources and immediately sensed the purpose and authenticity that these reclaimed tiles would add to the bathroom design. It was also a hint to our European heritage!


As the tiles are featured in the bathroom, a wet area that can accumulate dirt, have you found the tiles to be low maintenance?

Yes, the tiles have settled into the space and we find it easy to clean as we used the correct sealant which maintains the natural look while keeping water from absorbing into the tiles.

Now that interstate travel is an option, we are keen to see what wonderful experiences Regional NSW has to offer. How can we book accommodation at the Repose?

You can book by contacting us directly or via this link:

We'd also love you to follow us on Instagram!


The photographer is Abbie Melle. Please credit her for all images. She worked alongside creative director Jemima Aldridge for the styling.