Era Collection

FSC LOGOThe Duoplank products are available FSC® certified.


In order to keep our colour palette up-to-date, some of the existing products are periodically retired to make room for new ones. The Era Collection may no longer be a part of the current collection, however this range has not been forgotten! If you are interested in any of these products please contact us.


Species: European oak

Available grades*: Premier 1-bis, Classical
Finish: Oil
Surface texture: Aged
Thickness: 15/20mm
Widths: 142/180/240mm
Lengths: 1790/1970/2100/2220/2470mm
Structure: Engineered

Different laying patterns

The timeless herringbone pattern may be the perfect choice for your design. Or you may want a different look. Give this classic pattern a modern twist using extra long and extra wide planks. Or choose another pattern altogether, such as cassette patterns or diagonal designs with small and narrow planks. Make your mark on our collection flooring with Hakwood’s pattern options.

Stair Tread, Stair Nosing, Cover Strip Detail

Solid stair treads, stair nosing, skirting material and cover strip profiles can also be ordered as pre-finished materials to match your floor boards and complete the project. Please contact us to find out further information on custom requirements.

Healthy interior climate

A healthy interior climate is a vital characteristic of any design and a key factor in the development of Hakwood floor boards. Hakwood flooring has been certified for multiple healthy interior climate labels*.

These certified products are suitable for any type of project – residential, multi-residential, commercial, retail and hospitality.
Hakwood’s Duoplank® has been tested for Formaldehyde and VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Duoplank® received the European E1 and the CARB1 certificate for formaldehyde emissions.
*Newly released products may not have been tested for this quality yet.

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