Celebrate Mum

Now more than ever, we have had time to slow down and reflect on what it is that is most important to us. I think for most of us, Mum is high on that list.
To inspire us, we have spoken to two women who gave us their thoughts on being a mum, style, and what they want this Mother's Day. 

Penny Hanan, Founder and Director of 1803 

My beliefs of Motherhood are...

Being a mother is central to my life and it is a wild and fabulous ride. I see my role as a mother as giving my daughters the confidence, empathy and understanding of the world around them to make choices that will make them strong, decent and capable participants in life.
I was once told ‘don’t live through your children, your role is to live your own life and give them wings’, it has guided me well, even on the dark days. 

My definition of work/life balance is…

I think that the concept of work-life balance is a something that evolves with you and your family. Balance is different for everyone, but at its most simple, it is what allows you as a woman and mother to feel confident, content and productive. Compromise is inevitable, enjoy the journey and accept that in the end we can’t control much and that is ok. Along the way, I am learning to keep my expectations of myself more fluid, more reasonable and kinder.

My best style advice is…

Languid, simple shapes and uniform colour - dark grey, navy and black. Where possible a slash of colour and a great hat.
In a post Covid-19 world I am also committed to giving all of my high heels away to the girls (I love heels) but they really hurt my feet. Superga sandshoes are it for me!

The values I hope to instill on my children are…

Integrity, empathy and decency. I hope my girls will continue to develop an ability to listen, reflect and form strong, informed opinions; ultimately developing confidence in themselves that will not only to make a positive difference to their peers, but hopefully their world.

You have been a great supporter of our business Woodstock Resources, Why?
Woodstock Resources celebrates the inherent and imperfect beauty of natural materials and provenance. It nurtures and celebrates history, old world skills and brings warmth and texture into your life through its wonderful timbers, furniture and homeward collections, which 1803 is very proud to be part of. 

My proudest career moment is…

In the first six months of launching 1803, we were proudly included in the Spence and Lyda homewares collection. Whilst in Australia Rosita Missoni, owner of the wonderful Missoni business purchased the knife collection from Fiona Spence and I happened to pop in while Rosita was in store. She hugged me and told me she was taking these knives to her home in Sardegna and that she and he family would use them knowing they were from a small town in Australia. I still smile when I think about her warmth and sincere appreciation of our collection.

My current Mothers’ Day wish list is...

Incredibly short; a sunny day with Campbell and the girls with a morning walk along Jibbon Beach, a seafood lunch and an icy cold rose, no cooking, good music and a gathering of neighbours for a sunset drink (appropriately socially distanced of course).

What are your Woodstock Resources gift picks?

I already have the Woodstock Resources floorboards at home, I love your travel weekender canvas & leather and of course you can't go wrong with an 1803 knife!


Emma Giammarco Graham, Manager at Woodstock Resources

mothers day

My beliefs of Motherhood are...
I have always wanted to be a mother, and now that I am one, if brings joy (and frustration) everyday...but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I believe in creating a happy environment, trusting gut-instinct and nurturing children into adults of integrity, who are grateful, and are self-motivated to be the best version of themselves...whatever that may be.

My definition of work/life balance is…
Finding balance is tough, especially through a pandemic! It's constantly changing at our house, too far one way or the other...but being able to stop the "to-do list" chatter in my head of my and just be present and enjoy the funny thing one of the boys are doing at that moment is key.

My best style advice is…
When styling a home, stick to natural fibres like timber, linen, stone and use architectural salvage where practical. It creates a sense of calm, won't date, and is more sustainable.

The values I hope to instill on my children are…
Integrity, considerate and grateful. I aim to instill self-confidence in my boys to follow their own path, not the one everyone else is on, it's important that they have empathy for others, and are aware of how lucky they are to live the wonderful life that we live. 


Can you describe what you like about Woodstock Resources?
I am a visual person, so the first thing I fell in love with at Woodstock Resources was the Recycled European Oak, it was featured in (my now) Husband's home when I first visited him in the country and I instantly commented on it. Since then, however I love the story behind each piece of salvage. Its Provenance. I think that is a very special and unique part of Woodstock Resources.  

My current Mothers’ Day wish list is...
To be with my family all huddled in bed in the morning, lots of cuddles, maybe even breakfast made for me. I'm sure i'll get something hand-crafted from my 3 year old Hunter, but I'm secretly wishing for a new set of winter pajamas and I would like one of the Woodstock Resources Oak lamps with Linen Shades for my bedside table, oh and the 1803 Kitchen Knife!